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Transport information

Can help you facilitating road, water and rail transportation. The last decades, we are gained much experience in providing transport service for the customer.
In addition, our technical employees are skilled to dismantle a machine for loading.
For each machine it is possible to calculate the global transport costs. Please look at our current stock choose your machine , If you need more detailed information about transport costs please call us or send us an e-mail.

Required documents

For most of the machines we are  provides:
-Original B/L,  
-Certificate of Origin
-Commercial invoice 
-Packing List
-Export license of vehicle
-Inspect Certificate (B.V, SGS, etc)

Payment options

We are accepts the following payment options:
- T/T By bank To bank
- Cash
- Western Union
Letter of credit (international famous bank)

Extra Free Service

- Apply for your invitation to China,
- Take you to the airport for free,
- Take you to visit Shanghai for free.

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